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Ube Kutsinta

Kutsinta is mostly found in red-orange. For this, Achuete powder is used instead of Ube.

No matter the color, Kutsinta is a snack and very popular with afternoon coffee.


250 g flour

250 g tapioca flour

120 grams of sugar

2 tsp Ube Flavoring

1 tsp lye water

500ml of water

grated coconut


In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, sugar, and tapioca flour. Mix in the water to form a smooth batter. Add lye water. Slowly dribble in the Ube Flavoring until the desired color is reached. Then pour the mixture into small molds.

Cook the molds in the steamer for about 45 minutes. Meanwhile, open the coconut and scrape out the flesh and grate.

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