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Lechon Baboy (Rolled Pork Belly)

Lechon is actually the national dish of Filipinos. Whenever there is something to celebrate, a grilled pig should not be missing. A whole pig is even prepared here for larger celebrations. This is of course a bit too much for everyday use. That's why we would like to introduce you to a slightly smaller version that can easily feed 6 people.


2 kg pork belly in one piece

4 pieces Leomongrass



Super Sarap All-in-One Seasoning

1 onion

4 -5 garlic cloves

Rice as side dish



Peel the onions and garlic and cut into small cubes. Beat the lemongrass a little so that the aroma can be better released and then cut the lemongrass into pieces approx. 4-5 cm long.

Season the inside of the meat with salt, pepper and Super Sarap and evenly distribute the onions, garlic and lemongrass.

Then simply roll the pork belly skin side out and tie with some twine.

It is best to leave the meat wrapped in foil in the fridge overnight so that the flavors can penetrate the meat.

Cook in the oven at approx. 180 degrees for approx. 2-3 hours with top and bottom heat until a core temperature of approx. 75 degrees is reached. It is best to let it stand for about 10 minutes before serving.

Then the skin should be very crispy and the meat very juicy on the inside.

Of course, like almost everything in the Philippines, the dish goes best with rice and vegetables of your choice,

But it is also typical that dips such as a simple Toyomansi soy sauce or a barbecue sauce are served with it.

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