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Shipping Options


We normally ship all orders the next working day (Monday-Friday) with DPD.


If you order fresh fruit or vegetables or refrigerated groceries and do not use the express option, they will only be sent from Monday to Wednesday. This is how we want to ensure that a package does not remain unnecessarily over the weekend. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work. If a delivery with perishable goods takes longer than normally expected (1-3 days), we expressly point out that we cannot guarantee the freshness of the goods with standard delivery.

We therefore recommend that you choose the express option for packages with perishable goods.  


You will receive all deliveries in a stable cardboard box. Glass bottles and other fragile items are also wrapped in bubble wrap and we try to fill voids with wrapping paper as much as possible.

Nevertheless, it can happen that it arrives damaged. If this is the case, we ask you to document this damage with photos and send it to us. Together we will then find a solution for this.  

Packaging of chilled foods

If you order chilled food, it will be additionally packed. For this we either use special thermal bags, which we additionally insulate with additional bubble wrap, or styrofoam boxes. Depending on the quantity and type of items to be cooled, we add one or more cold packs. 

Chilled groceries are only packed in the parcels shortly before they are picked up by DPD so that they remain chilled for as long as possible.  


Up to 65 EUR

Up to a total amount of 65 euros, we unfortunately only offer standard shipping. 

The costs for this are EUR 6.90. If the order contains refrigerated items, we charge an additional EUR 3.00 for packaging

From 65 EUR:

For a standard delivery, there are no shipping costs or additional costs for thermal packaging

We charge EUR 8.90 for express delivery. For the refrigerated items we charge an additional EUR 3.00 for the additional packaging.

Shipping time:

Normally, even with standard delivery , your package should be with you within 1-2 days. In exceptional cases, it can unfortunately take a little longer.

We therefore strongly recommend express shipping for refrigerated or perishable food.

We do not take back these groceries in case of problems!

With express shipping , your package will be delivered to you no later than the next working day after you have picked it up from us.


You should receive an information email from DPD via email, which you can use to check the status of the delivery at any time and make changes if necessary.

Right of withdrawal:

If our goods have errors or defects, a free shipment is possible after consultation with us.

In other cases, we reserve the right to have the customer bear the return costs.

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