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Biko na may Langka

Biko is a typical in-between meal. It's often for sale at the market and is a nice change of pace when you're done shopping. You can often get it from street vendors who charge just a few pesos per serving.


For the mixture:

200 grams of sticky rice

300 ml coconut milk

80 grams of palm sugar

1 packet of vanilla sugar

1 pinch of salt

For Latik:

  • 300 ml coconut milk

For the decoration

  • Jackfruit


First rinse the glutinous rice with cold water until the water is no longer milky and then cook the rice normally. Then boil the coconut milk and add the palm sugar, vanilla sugar and salt. Add the rice and cook until everything is well combined and a firm and sticky consistency is reached. Then pour the mass into a mold that has typically been lined with aluminum foil beforehand. Smooth out the mixture and leave to cool.

In the meantime you can prepare the latik. Simply boil the coconut milk in a saucepan at medium temperature until all the liquid has evaporated. The coconut milk will turn brown. This may take some time. So be patient...

When the latik is ready and has cooled down, spread it over the mass.

It is best to decorate the whole thing with fresh jackfruit. You can also take frozen jackfruit or jackfruit in a glass with syrup.

You can eat the dish cold. If you want, you can also heat it up a bit.

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