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Bubble Tea

Bubble tea does not originally come from the Philippines, but was invented in Taiwan. But now you can get it everywhere in Germany. But you're more than willing to pay 5 euros or more for a cup. In this recipe, we want to show how you can make a delicious variant with tapioca pearls and simple syrup much cheaper and you don't even need many ingredients.


For the sugar syrup:

100 grams of coconut sugar

80ml of water

For the drink:

100 grams of tapioca pearls


ice cubes


Sugar syrup:

Crush the sugar and boil with the water. Simmer at medium temperature until the syrup thickens. Then let it cool down

Prepare the tapioca pearls:

Boil the tapioca pearls in water until soft and drain the water. The water must boil before adding the tapioca pearls to the water. Stir gently so they don't stick together. It can take up to 30 minutes for the pearls to become really soft. Then remove from the water and let cool..

The Bubble Tea:

First, put a tablespoon or two of the pearls in a glass. Pour ice cubes and milk into the glass. Finally slowly add the syrup. It looks best when the syrup runs slowly along the edge.

Several glasses can easily be filled with the ingredients mentioned above.

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